People had been settling in what today is the parish of Pain Court since the late 1790's. However, the parish was officially founded in 1851 when bishop de Charbonnel granted permission to build a chapel on the Winter line, opposite today's cemetary. This chapel which was dedicated to St. Joseph also served as a school.

By 1854, this chappel was too small to accommodate all the parishioners. A new church was built in today's cemetary, facing the third concession. In 1874, this church mysteriously burned down. It was replaced by a new edifice, in the same location but facing the Winter Line.

In 1911, this church was found to be unsafe for the worshippers and a new church was built in today's location. On January 02, 1937 it burned down and was immediately replaced by another church which was blessed and consecrated on December 8 of the same year.

 The Usher's Club has played a prominent role in the story of our parish. They organized many activities such as sports, card parties, annual picnics, banquets and dances - the proceeds going to either the church or to charitable works.


     In December 1987, the dwindling Usher's Club was replaced by Council 9693 of Immaculée Conception of the Knights of Columbus with a beginning membership of 81 members. Council Activities include:

  • Church
  • Community
  • Family
  • Council
  • Breakfast
  • Youth
  • Bingo
  • Program Director
  • Pro Life


The Wild Game Supper was  a popular event in Pain Court.


The Easter Egg hunt is one of several service projects completed each year!

Date: Saturday, April 19, 2019


The Knights of Columbus have supported the parish plus a variety of community service projects.